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College Tuition Assistance for Pontiac area High School Graduates who wish to attend a Michigan College.

Welcome to The Pontiac Promise Zone

The Pontiac Promise Zone is a new program that enables students within the Pontiac School District to obtain financial assistance to attend any college or university in Michigan and to earn a two-year associate degree. If sufficient funding is raised, the program will be expanded to support the students through their bachelor's degrees.

Board of Directors

The 11-member Board oversees implementation of the Michigan Promise Zone Act. Its goal is to provide financial assistance to eligible students to earn their associate degrees. Through the Promise Zone Act, funding for the program is provided by the State of Michigan through tax revenues. In addition, the program is supported by partnerships and donations from foundations and others. To support the startup of the Promise Zone, the Board has already raised more than $750,000.

  • Chair - Teresa A. Rodges, MSA
    Executive Director, School of Nursing and Continuing Education, Oakland University
  • Vice Chair - Lon Bone - VP Business Development, Genisys Credit Union
  • Treasurer - Henry V. Knight - Auburn Hills City Council
  • Secretary - H. William Maxey - Pontiac Community Activist
  • Nellie B. LaGarde - NBL Associates
  • Jeffrey M. Love - Former President, Baker College Auburn Hills
  • Christopher Northcross - Pontiac Planning Commissioner, Pontiac Community Activist
  • Tim Meyer, PhD - Chancellor of Oakland Community College
  • Forrest Milzow - Morgan & Milzow Relators

Exclusive Approach

Parent's Information

You can review our Pontiac Promise Zone brochure for additional insight & information

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Applications Requirements

Student Application

All eligible students for the Pontiac Promise Zone Scholarship are required to submit a completed application.

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